Saturday, November 10, 2007

British Standard Handful

Part V
So my husband emailed this response, "Although the 'grab a handful' technique is less scientific, if done by an expert, it probably works too." to Ari's comment about using water displacement as a way to measure the volume of breasts. I thought his comment to be filthy and unhelpful.
As it turns out, someone else thought of this, and made the concept funny and palatable to me, introducing the British Standard Handful!
Here's an excerpt "...One BSH is defined as the amount of breast that could be held by Henry VIII's right hand..."
Do go to the link, British Standard Handful and read the whole thing. It pokes fun at other favorite targets, such as the unhelpful metric system.
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Friday, November 9, 2007

Plugs for Chris Elliot, Wikipedia, MOTR and little known sitcoms

I am a big fan of the short-lived sitcom that was broadcast in the early 90s, Get a Life. The show starred Chris Elliott as a 30 yr old paperboy living with his family and featured Stand by REM as its theme song. I thought it was the funniest and bravest thing on TV.
Many years later, when I was reminiscing about this show, very few people knew what I was talking about. I was hoping to find episode synopsises on the Internet. All I could dig up were some Chris Elliott bios that mentioned this show as stint on his resume.
Flash to around 2001, I discovered MTR (Museum of Television and Radio). You can actually watch or listen to most stuff that has been broadcast on TV or radio ("It is a curated collection. Programs have been selected on the basis of artistic achievement, social impact, or historic significance.") in your own console and they even have family consoles (for up to 4). So I got better than episode synopsises, I watched actual episodes of Get a Life at a classy museum joint. How cool is that?!
6 years later, 2007, I find a Wikipedia entry on Get a Life and learned that 2 DVDs were released! The timing is impeccable, I was just feeling so bummed that I've seen every episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Chris Elliott's jokes never get old for me -- "I just won the genetic lottery!" he proclaims on one show. While I wait for my Get a Life DVDs, I'm going to watch static-y, low quality videos from Youtube of another old sitcom, The Charmings and another brave show, Whoops Apocalypse. Here is the IMDB episode guide to Whoops Apocalypse. I'm so happy that commercially unsuccessful shows from the 80s and early 90s that I loved actually have cult followings.
HOURS upon HOURS can be killed at MTR!!! They totally need a dating scene. Or go there with your kids and watch My Little Pony, JEM, Snorks, Kissyfur, Gummi Bears, Thundercats etc.!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

One for the husband

I complain all the time to my husband about how he selfishly hoards good experiences from me. For example, it can be an article he read in New Yorker that touched him in some way, but he mentions it in passing months later by casually asking me something to the effect of..."Did you read that article in New Yorker about chocolate...there was an interesting point on..." Of course I haven't and we've never spoken about it until now. Which irritates me for two reasons: One, I have a perception that when our New Yorker arrives, he snatches its up, devours its contents, then puts it in the garbage when he's done, so poor little me, I never get any literary stimulation and feel left in the lurch. Two, if I read or experience something interesting, emotional, stimulating, etc. I like to share it with him and get his take. (I'm trying to make this easier on both of us by making him read my blog instead of talking to him.)
Well recently, he gave me the equivalent of three dozen roses by sending me the link to the Transcript of Commencement Speech at Stanford given by Steve Jobs with a terse subject: I like this. I really enjoyed it, I cried through it and found it very inspirational. Thanks Josh! I love you.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Measuring the weight or volume of breasts...

Part IV
Ari left a comment on my post on the importance of the third measurement. "Maybe a water displacement system would work best... you dip your breasts into a tub of water and note how much the water level rises for a true measure of their volume."
Even though I'm a lazy science retard, this point merited additional research. I learned about the principle of Archimedes: If the object is less dense than water (if it floats on water), it displaces a weight of water equal to the weight of the object. If the object sinks in water, it simply displaces a volume of water equal to the volume of the object.
Thank goodness for the wonderfully wacky Internet, someone else thought of this idea and executed it, the British, no less! I found this article on dipping your boobs in warm water as a first step to finding the right bra. (Funny enough it was a total coincidence, I didn't actively search for this article, I came across it while reading about the devaluation of the dollar against the euro -- which has me completely pissed at Bush, but I'll blog about that later.)
Because breasts are attached to women, how can we ever do the water displacement method with precision? Would they sink or swim on their own, literally and figuratively? Does the displacement of the booby water equal the volume or the weight? I'm sure there's some kind of weight/volume relationship and I really don't know diddly about mass and density (but maybe that's not relevant); despite all this, there seems to be scientific holes to this breast dunking method. Maybe we should reserve this as a money making scheme for charity events.
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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Facebook's complicated

OK, my sister's been bugging me about going on Facebook, insists that Friendster is so passe. I tried to sign up with my real name but that doesn't work because Star is a common fake name. So I used my maiden name, "Kixxhaxaxxthin" as my real name. I tried to add Star as my maiden name so that I can be searched by both names but Facebook denied me. I tried to sign up Josh, but his name is like a pseudonym too...What the hell is up with these Facebook nazis? Stars everywhere, we have to unite and fight for our Facebook rights. It doesn't make any sense to me that something as random as ridiculously long Thai maiden name which could have been Sjsdjdslfklds or other gobbledy gook would be accepted while Star is forbidden.
It's going to take me a while to emotionally recover from these setbacks. I'm not motivated to write to the Facebook staff to plea for my real name or my husband's. But on the other hand, I'm totally sucked into the features! They are so creepily cool, I'm sure Facebook can just get your damn social and validate it with your name so we can rid ourselves of the pseudonym problem.

My Family

I've been holding myself back from posting pictures of my kids, but the gates have opened. Sadie- 2 yrs and Dazee 6 months.

NaBloPoMo love for all

When Beth told me about NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), I eagerly enlisted for the challenge of posting a blog entry every day for the month of November. I told my husband about it who thought I said NoMoBloJoFoYoMoFo. So relax, men, NaBloPoMo is all love; tit not a man-hating concept and ti'totally unrelated to your sex life.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Aha! The third measurement...

Part III
I am so sick of people citing ominous bra fitting statistics like: 80% of women wear the wrong bra size to introduce a faulty bra measuring procedure. I really want to retort that 80% of women probably get the wrong bra size from consistently faulty measuring procedures. I support some of these thoughts: If Your Bra Doesn't Fit, Go Shopping.
Then again this article is written in partnership with CNN, who I loathe. This is a digression, but CNN has a solid reputation as a news source but I equate them with the likes of Enquirer and other tabloids. I don't why the American public would rely on them for newsworthy news. They love putting tabloid style links on their home page. I hate that CNN's consistently a top 3 site in my workplace.
Back to bras...I found a website, 85B, that asks for three measurements instead of the typical 2 to determine your bra size. In addition to the bottom part of your chest and the fullest part of your chest, it asks for the top part of your chest. Using their size calculator yielded a measurement (34C) that was in the ballpark for my real size. (The other method yields 36AA or 36AAA depending either on my fast changing figure or my inconsistent measuring technique) Two things I'd like to see:
1. I'd like to know how this third measurement is being used. The calculator shields the math from me. This third measurement is useful, how come it hasn't achieved the popularity as the other two measurements?
2. I'd like the site to comment on what I find to be true, that if you start with a bra size, you can add a cup while bringing down the band size, to arrive at a similar size. For example, 38A is equivalent to 36B, is equivalent to 34C, is equivalent to 32D. Or using the average America bra size, 34B is the same as 36A or 38AA or 32C. If course, as you progress further downstream or upstream in the conversion, I think the rule of thumb becomes less applicable.
Because I find point #2 to be generally true in both directions (up & down) once (e.g. 34B can easily wear either 36A or 32C, depending on the shape and projection of your breasts), I'd like to tell all my juvenile junior high school and all the way up to college male friends to stop focusing on wanting a know a woman's cup size. Or drooling over a statement like "She's a D cup". It's totally irrelevant without the band size.
Side note: I'm being measured for a bridesmaid dress for a wedding in December. The seamstress has me puzzled by asking for two measurements with respect to bust. The top and bottom of the bust. I've never seen this. Usually if only one measurement is going to be used, it would be the fullest part of the bust. I'm really curious to see how the dress is going to turn out with these two measurements. For some of us, could this third (top of the bust) actually be the most important measurement?
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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Icelandic Bras?

Part II
I found a video that shows to how measure for a bra on VideoJug (hee hee!). The instructions are the same as I've always seen. But there are some commenters who have the same issue as me -- I see multiple posts with people who are C, D, E, F etc cups but the procedure is saying that they're AA. I'm not the only one with a major issue on bra measuring methodology. I'm convinced now that if you get a double A cup or greater (or smaller depending on how you look at it) by this methodology, you probably have a narrow back. I don't think you can even buy a AA or AAA bra unless it's a training bra. Finally, according to the procedure, if the measurement of the band and fullest part of your bust is one inch different, then you're a A. Less than one inch, double A. So how can anyone be triple A? Whew! I've answered my own question.
I'm on a quest to find out how it's done in other countries. I've emailed the only Icelandic person I know, I hope she tells me that it's done differently there. When I visited Iceland, everyone seemed a little smarter and more practical than people in the US.
Also there's a custom lingerie shop in the same building where I work. I might have to stop in there for a consultation.

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Fueling my Tourette's

Mad props to to Beth, who's been my blog mentor-cum-savior, for cluing me in on NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). I'm going to try to meet the challenge of blogging every day for the month of November. With Thanksgiving, a job, a hungry+non-proactive husband and two kids to derail me, I might be out of the race before long. However, I find great comfort that there are actually others like me whose interests are blogging, thinking about blogging, meta-blogging, proselytizing blogging, pretending I live in a blog, auto-blogging, blog preening, etc.