Saturday, March 15, 2008

Artist, pimp, cheapskate or no talent?

So, you might know that I've been complaining for like 'ever about my husband being reluctant to get us a better or SLR style camera. But now that his company is going bankrupt, it's a good time to find creative solutions to avoid spending any money. So what I did today was take a bunch of pictures using different modes and then played around with some image filters. I think some of the results is pretty neat, but my mother's opinion is that the original always looked better. Josh liked some of them but I'm not sure if it's motivated by encouraging me so I can feel good about not spending any money. I look to you for an honest opinion. So without further ado, all the doctored pictures are posted below. I'm too lazy to give you both the pre-and post production pics for a side by side comparison, but hopefully some of these stand on there own. (I was pretty enamored by the focal B&W effect so you'll see a lot of that here.) So what do you think? Should I quit my day job and take pictures of my kids and pimp them? (For a larger version, click on any of the pics)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Indian Toilets!

I found this link:
And it's pretty much the same situation in Thailand -- go through the pictures/tutorial on how to use squat toilets, what to do with the hose or if the hose isn't working, how to use the mug.

Would Josh use a call girl if he wasn't deathly afraid of me and spending a dollar?

Two days ago when news of Eliot Spitzer using a call girl broke out and he gave a brief talk with his wife Silda by his side, Josh asked me if I would stand by him like so many other faithful political wives have done. Of course my natural reaction to this question is suspicion-cum-fear-cum-anger - WHAT DID YOU DO?!! I asked.
Any we worked out that if he were to have a public job and messed up in some way, personal or professional, I promised to stand next to him as he apologized to the public.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Alaska in June

We're going to Alaska in June, and I put together a pretty full itinerary, but one I think we can handle:
Day 1: arrive 8pm, pick up some quick food and drive 1/2hour to B&B in anchorage.
Day 2: drive south ~2.5 hours towards Seward. Hike Exit Glacier (2-8miles rt). Dinner & sleep in Seward.
Day3: Cruise Kenai Fjords glacier bay. Return around 5pm. Drive 1.5 hours north to Alyeska resort in Girdwood
Day 4: spend the morning in Girdwood. drive 4 hours north to Talkeetna. Take airplane tour around Denali - land on a glacier.
Day5: drive another 1.5 hours to Denali for a 12pm water rafting ride through the park. Stay near the park.
Day 6: Take a 5:30 AM bus ride deep into the park, and then out. We can get out and walk/hike wherever we want. It'll be a long long day.
Day 7: Casual, with eventually making our way back to Anchorage (5 hours) for an 8pm flight home.

Sounds like a lot of driving, and it is, but the challenge was to see Denali, and get down to see the glaciers in the same short trip ... so that's it. It should be light 24 hours a day, so we won't be constrained by the day's hours ... just by our own energy.

Bottoms up!

I can't stop talking about Cottonelle taking over Grand Central. I even saw someone (maybe he works at Kimberly Clark?) take photographs of the ads with an expensive, professional looking camera. That's never happened with any other ad. I also notice some people chuckling or smiling as they read the ads -- New Yorkers aren't rude, they're just using the wrong toilet paper. Yesterday as I met my husband at GC during our commute home, I grinned at him and said a toast, Bottoms up! He didn't know what or why, so I pointed to the Cottonelle ad, with a hand clutching a roll of toilet paper hoisted in the air, like someone making a toast with a wine glass with the words, "Bottoms up!"

Monday, March 10, 2008

I need TP for my BH!!!!

Part Trois!
A quote of RC's intriguing comments:
"I'm confused, when you don't use 2 ply, don't you just use more? I find that I use more than twice as much paper at work than at home because the paper at work is just thinner. Have you ever tried their flushable moist wipes?
I think they're great. Sorry that the ad offended you, but I think the product is much better than Charmin or Quilted Northern (but only the plain Cottonelle, not the thicker one or the one with all the added ingredients). If you want to talk about unpleasant TP, try living in Europe."

Yes, it's true, 1 ply would cause one to use more, or put you in the compromising and unsavory position of hand meeting BH, as eloquently stated by JS. Digression point: I grew up with soft 2 ply with cloud prints - maybe it was White Cloud brand? Similar in pricing with Charmin, Cottonelle, etc. I used to love using that TP, it as so pretty and I liked thinking how I was wiping my tushy with clouds. One day my mom discovered how over generous I was with the TP and I was given the rule, only 2 sheets at a time and wipe three times. It wasn't until I met Josh that he expounded that the rule for wiping was more subtle than 3x's the charm, look at the TP after each wipe and then act accordingly.
I went to the link for the moist wipes and here's how it's advertised:
"There's nothing like that "just showered" feeling – for all-over freshness, including our bottoms! Cottonelle® brand – one kind thing you can do for your behind – pledges a shower-fresh feeling that leaves you confidently clean."
I think this gives me support that you're supposed to wash after making a turd and the shower is a good place for that. I'm a little disturbed by the phrase "confidently clean".
RC - I had no idea that Cottonelle is superior to Northern or Charmin, I really want to know and hear more why that's the brand of choice. This dog isn't too old for new tricks - I would totally switch if I knew better or different.
Adding to the insult of poor quality TP in Europe, you often have to pay for it even in public restrooms!

Cold from cold?

So there's been a pretty long-running battle between Josh and my mother. She believes that Sadie and Dazee get sick from being in the cold and she has a lot of anecdotal data to support this hypothesis. Most of this falls on deaf ears with my husband and I'm sorta in the middle. My mother's a little more invested in this battle given that she has to deal with sick kids. But Josh and I would like to kids to go out more and spend time in the outdoors. Recently I read something in a magazine about viruses surviving in the winter season but not during the summer -- so I drew the conclusion that maybe my mother is right. Even though people love to say: You can't get sick from the cold/ not wearing hats/mittens as they are transmitted through viruses. Even my Harvard-educated husband enjoyed repeating this axiom, but he failed to acknowledge the subtlety of cold viruses merrily multiplying in the winter but lying dead and dormant in the heat of the summer. I've been trying to convince Josh that my mother has a point by mentioning what I read (albeit published in a "silly" women's magazine), telling him that they call it a cold for a reason, that tropical countries don't seem to have colds/flus and that every time I go somewhere warm for the winter, I'm cured of various ailments. All of this falls on deaf ears which is a little upsetting to me that he would accept time-worn axioms over personal experiences of his wife and mother-in-law. But recently, I got more ammunition to support me and my mother, thanks to Beth's blog and this article that she pointed us all to. They actually proved that flu viruses survive and multiply in cold weather, (interesting to note that the ideal temperature for the nasty creatures is 41 degrees) and that they all died when it reached 86 degrees. Thanks Beth and take that Josh!
So it really stinks that kids shouldn't go out and play too much in the bad weather because they're going to be more likely to get sick. More reasons to move to Hawaii!


It seems like my previous post on Cottonelle has garnered some really interesting and charged responses as well as confusion, so a Part Deux is required.

  1. It's a total travesty that society believes that wiping with toilet paper is enough.
  2. Soft toilet paper, bleached toilet paper and 2 ply toilet paper are usually a waste of resources. They're nice to have only in few and specific instances.
  3. I believe you should wash your tushy after making a bowel movement. You can do this with a bidet or the good old fashioned way - jump into the shower and wash with soap and water.
  4. I mentioned earlier how men get excited when women talk about sex or body parts. Well they also get excited and engaged when you talk about bowel movements. One nice thing about talking about this topic instead of sex is that you can impress them and keep them interested without leading them to believe that you might have sex with them. You get them hot and heavy without having sex or talking about sex! I never saw my husband so happy and excited to talk about something!
  5. Talking about poopy is my mom's admitted interest. She takes joy in reporting to me how my kids have pooped - how many times, the consistency, etc. Doesn't that give you insight to my personality? This is the kind of daily conversation I grew up with. I have an unfair advantage over other ladies in pleasing men. Unbeknownst to my mom, all her shit talk was very good geisha training.
  6. I don't like Grand Central taken over by Cottonelle because it's like plastering all of Grand Central with toilet paper. It seems disrespectful. On top of that, it's a toilet paper that I would never buy for various reasons.
  7. All dictionaries should use Josh's example of niggling on fragile toilet paper, causing your finger(s) to make contact with your bh for the regret entry. That is such a vivid illustration and it is understood and accepted by everyone. It's so universal that uttering it should be the new ice-breaker (instead of the weather) - instant bonding with anyone you meet or talk to!

I hope this clears up all the questions, but I'm happy to take on any more.