Saturday, February 9, 2008

In Hawaii...

We'll be traveling in Hawaii from Feb 9 - Feb 18th. I promised Frank that I'll blog a few times...we'll see.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Here's something laughable - my husband in a beret

My husband is great at supporting me in various initiatives or ideas and believe me, there are many and they are often transient since I'm a serial dabbler. However, if any of these goals cost money, I can forget about it. So I'm in a bad mood right now. I have some aspirational goals that conflict with his aspirational goal of saving every penny. I feel oppressed and resentful.
One of my ideas is really exciting to me, hiring an artist to paint murals - to bring art and more transformative feelings into our house. I'd like to paint a beach scene with palm trees and a monkey in one of our bathrooms. I'd like to transform one room into an Italian/French/Mediterranean outdoor cafe feel. I can't hire an artist but I can work with my husband to paint it ourselves. On one hand it's like hurray, that would be great to work with him and what a sense of pride and accomplishment I'll feel if the outcome is desirable. On the other hand, it's like you gotta be kidding me. I'm ready to strangle you. All this bullshit and nonsense because you're afraid to spend a dime.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I was really hustling to get back to work on time after my extended lunch with Josh and Ari. Slowing me down were people and the rain. But only slightly, because everyone in NY is capable of doing what I'm going to call the NY Hustle. Wunning (portmanteau of walk and run) with extreme determination that nothing will impede you or impact your speed.
Well I got distracted by a sign as I was approaching a food cart, "Daisy May BBQ". As I hustled past it, I peeked inside with my peripheral vision. Awww man! What a disappointment! I saw a middle-aged guy with a beard, serving up the food. I was hoping for a buxom blonde wearing short shorts serving food with a sweet southern drawl. Deceptive marketing!

Chai yo! We're going to live it up!

Because the dollar is at a historical low in relation to the Euro, Canadian dollar yada yada, I'm making an executive decision outside my domain to spend a lot of money. We can't earn that much interest on it; the markets are rocky. So let's be wise to the situation by spending a lot of money. When the dollar gets stronger or the markets seem better or we can get better savings rate, then I'll retrench. then, maybe I'll get paid more...My conclusion is, no matter what the economic climate might be, spending is always the way to go. Let's rally around my brilliant plan!!!
Three cheers!
Let's do it in Thai.
I say Chai.
(You say Yo!)
Man, I should really run for office.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Big trouble brewing

Yes, it's true. I have my father in law's support to break our family apart through this blog! And he thinks I'm hilarious or at least my blog!
How's this for a mutiny -- he signed up for high speed Internet access while my mother in law's out of town. (I have to admit that I egged him on, not because she's out of town, but I think it's pretty pathetic that he's still on dial up) And it looks like they will install it for him before she gets back to Burlington. This is going to be very very interesting, to say the least.

Another great household name - Azryelle Asterius

This is a shout-out to my Thai roots...Azryelle started on another blog (yay!), Adrift in Reverie and it's terrific. Latest entry shows you (with kickass professional pictures) how to make Thai Basil Chicken - yum! Listen to this smart lady or she'll kick yer ass (Check out the badass heel on her profile pic! Just what the doctor ordered to poke the eye of an ANR pervert with.) Heehehehehehehehe!

My second presidential election in which I'm qualified to vote

I was really nervous when I took the so-called "citizenship" test even though it's a series of verbal questions on standard (read: elementary- Who's the first president of the United States? blah blah blah) knowledge of the US government. Highly charged with stress hormones, I answered all the questions that came my way in one breath. Until, "How many stars and stripes are on the US flag?" was lobbed my way. I took a really deep breath and got really nervous about this difficult question. I couldn't believe how stumped I felt.
"..I-In-n what year?" I finally sputtered and stammered. The woman giving the test gave me a really nasty look. Turns out they were just asking about our current flag. Duh. I made it more difficult than it was.
Now, what's really stumped me is the primary and delegate processes. Yesterday, as I was riding home on the train with Josh, I confessed how embarrassed I was that I had no clue about it. Josh started blathering about the electoral college. No, no, no I said, I want to know how Super Tuesday and all that non-sense works. How does the Democratic party select its nominee? Well of course the immigrant has more natural curiousity than the native. Here is a general guide, a brief historical viewpoint/analysis and a practical FAQ regarding how nominees are selected. It's all interesting stuff but sadly, it's not simple or easily digested. Even after reading 3 articles on this topic, I certainly don't want to be tested on my knowledge of it. Why do voting and taxes have to be so goddamn complicated?!

I should run for office

FS will lose respect for me if I take down my blog or parts of it. BS thinks it's not dirty enough. BL thinks it's inappropriate. An ex finds it hasty and "often wrong". And scores of other people on different sides of the fence.
Apparently, I'm controversial.

Perfect date - poring over a spreadsheet!

I enjoy working with my husband on a project. It's fun to be on his team. Last night I took home some work that can be described as spreadsheet hell. He thought hard about the problem, which means he can't talk to me and has to shush me every now and again since my team work contribution is to laugh, prance around him and prattle non-sense.
I really enjoy watching him work. He's a genius. And he doesn't give up.
Last night, I even got a compliment for setting up the calculations correctly. He told me I was a genius. OK, I might have asked him to tell me. But no matter, I got it. To me, praise from my husband is like manna from god - an unusually sudden and unexpected source of gratification, pleasure, or gain.

Only a few dollars a month will sponsor the mental well being of a senior citizen living in a small town

There was a period of time when we didn't own a TV. Most people were either puzzled, amused or incredulous. The most entertaining conversation around this was:
Jim: You don't have a TV?! Do you have a flush toilet?
Me: Yes. We live in a high rise on the 26th floor.
Jim: Well that's a strange statistic right there. TVs have 99.99% penetration across America; the percentage for flush toilets is a lot lower.

I'd be happy to get rid of our TV. Or replace it with a nice looking flatscreen. I'm sure my husband will not be party to either of these ideas.

But one thing I can't live without is Internet access. I'd rather give up the telephone, running water (for a half day) or TV over Internet access. I feel sorry for Frank who has to put up with the frustrations of a dial up connection. It's so 90s. But wait, it's worse than the 90s. It's more like hell in the 21st Century. Because in the 90s, everyone else had dial up, so content was designed for lower connection speeds. Poor Frank can't enjoy his Internet experience and on top of that, he has to choose between telephone or Internet. He's also limited when he's online; he can't watch any videos, easily make comments on Blogger, get addicted to Craig's list or online shop. These are some of my favorite distractions.

Please send my father in law some $$$ to contribute to his Internet fund.

Monday, February 4, 2008

What excites my man

Sometimes, my husband is no fun to talk to. No juicy tidbits to reveal and on top of that, - he can be a real conversation killer, especially in moments when you're craving conversation. Whether you start with a benign ice breaker (it should be obvious that it's a plea like, c'mon talk to me, please) or you drop an attention-getting bomb, he can kill the conversation. This happens unknowingly, of course.
Well even though he's above all of us in the petty gossip department, there is one thing he likes to talk about. In fact, he gets pretty damn excited at the mere mention of how to manage a wedding guest list. This is pretty juicy excitement for him. Should I stop talking to the person I'm not going to invite, so that I have a head start on mitigating strained relations? Ie...So that when I don't invite them to the wedding, they would have already been pissed or estranged.
I'll let him comment because he's the expert on this topic.

Is Hawaii right for me?

I want to move some where safe and warm. I want to say I live in paradise. I'm really looking forward to our trip to Hawaii next week because I'm really hoping I'll fall in love. I want to get out of the NY rat race. I want the sun to always shine on my face. I'll move to Hawaii and become a school teacher or some kind of administrator.

My ex-coworker just quit and moved to LA, says that it's one step closer to Hawaii. He thinks Hawaii would be perfect for my personality and lifestyle.

What would I miss about NY? Cheap takeout and proximity to friends/family. I hear that Hawaii has excellent Asian food and a great variety. My mouth is already watering.

I'm going to Hawai-i!

I am a little bit afraid of volcanoes and historical violence (after reading a little bit about Hawaiin history). Is that bad energy or what?!

My daughter keeps crying and complaing about how she doesn't want to go to Hawaii. Does she know something I don't?

Are you getting a kickback?

I'm just curious - is this a conspiracy? There are certain items that are absolutely not necessary but all must have lists mention them. Like a diaper pail. In my opinion, totally unnecessary. Are diaper pail makers paying all list makers? It's pretty clever. I bought one, made myself used it because I had it but I'd love to burn it.
Another questionable (or maybe not?) item -- rain boots. Do my kids need these?
PS - My husband is of the opinion that very few people need Four or All Wheel drive. This philosophy orginated from none other than my ahead of the times father in law, who purchased Gore-tex long before any of us even heard of it.