Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nutcracker - turtle style

We saw a lazy turtle just off the beach. But the really neat sighting
was of the one swimming while we were snorkeling. The turtles we saw
were pretty big - they looked bigger and heavier than 22lb Daisy.
They swim so adeptly in the water and it's really funny to see this
big awkward thing making graceful gliding movements underwater. I felt
like an ogre in comparison with my ugly flippers and flailing

David Overtakes Goliath

Dazee, my 9 month old daughter wears size 4 diapers while, Sadie, at
2.5 years is wearing size 3 diapers. Hopefully Sadie will get toilet
trained first - chronologically (not in absolute terms because Dazee
might get trained by 2), that is.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Interesting sights on Maui

In no particular order... 1. Twinkling lights of a distant town,
tucked on a side of a volcanoe in a shape of a triangle cup bikini
top. 2. A stand of windswept trees bent in the same direction. They
looked quite whimsical yet deliberate- maybe a giant plumes lego set,
bent by a giant. 3. An amazing banyan tree that looked like a dozen or
so individual trees. Some of the branches grew giant branches that
hung so low, that they began to root into the ground; these branches
looked like separate tree trunks. This one gigantic tree took up a
plot of 100 by 100 and if you didn't know that it was one tree, you
would have thought they were an impressive stand of trees-- either
way, whether you knew it was one tree or thought it was a group of
trees, it was quite a site to behold. 4. There was a kind of pine tree
that had the shape of a palm tree. Each frond like stem were actually
composed of needles.

Monday, February 11, 2008

At 10+K Feet but feeling low

Last night I stupidly gave in to my husband's whining and agreed to
wake up at 4AM and pack up all the kids to go see the goddamn volcanoe
sunrise. I think it was everything my husband and mother hoped it to
be. For me it was pretty ho hum - I knew it was going to be and I was
miserable to go through all those hoops and effort for them to enjoy a
few measley minutes of heavenly views. I'm going to make a long list
of why this experience really sucked for me (in no particular order):
1. I knew it was going to suck but I wanted to make my husband happy.
2. I don't like rushing to get somewhere with the kids. I think it
makes everyone miserable. 3. I don't like long car rides with the kids
- they get antsy (to be expected and I don't blame them) and whiny (to
be expected and I wish they would suck it up like me). 4. We were
ill-equipped and ill-prepared. For that I totally blame my husband for
getting too excited to the point where he couldn't help me make
reasonable decisions. The winds were gusting and the temperature was
in the 40s. However we had mostly spring and summer layers on for
clothes. I worried about getting pneumonia -- that is no way to enjoy
a freakin' sunrise no matter how pretty. 5. I think Sadie, my mom and
I suffered altitude sickness. Mine was the worst - I had a massive
headache and extreme nausea. Mix with my bad attitude for a potent
combination. 6. I asked my husband to grovel for forgiveness and show
some compunction and regrets to make us all suffer. But his weak
attempt to feign such emotions were lame. 6. I despise waking up
early and this was ridiculously early -- maybe I should've stayed up
all night for it. I can't think of anything enjoyable I'd be willing
to wake up early for. I value those few hours in the morning to be in
peacefully in bed. Wow I feel so much better after writing all that
so I'll stop complaining now. I hope I didn't bring anyone down. I'll
end on a happy note -- DAZEE CAN STAND!!!! HURRAY!!!! She's so cute
and wobbly - she can do it for about a second before she shocks
herself as she loses her balance and struggles to gain it with no
success. Luckily she generally lands on her butt with a thud and
sometimes that sudden and scary sensation makes her smile, it's like a
baby carnival ride. :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

If I were fashion police

Most young women generally wear bikinis on the beach. I used to be one
of these misguided ladies until I discovered long sleeve bathing suit
tops. They are the bomb - with built in SPF 50 and quick drying
features there's no more worries about getting a burn, feeling too hot
or too cold. I no longer have to slather on a full tube of sunscreen
or suffer any shivering from going in the water. I'm not sure why
anyone would wear a bikini on the beach - it feels way too hot in the
sun's rays and too cool for a dip in the water. What would make the
most sense is if we wear water resistant burkhas on the beach and
bikinis out to dinner. But the travesty of it all, most dining
establishments ban bathing suits. Just goes to show you how much
smarter I am than most rule makers.

What we didn't plan on

The day is more than half way done, here are the highlights: 1. Seeing
whales! Seeing whales! 2. Moo tong crawling all over the beach and
rushing towards the water. I was thinking about what new and lovely
stimulation it was for Daisy - lots of synaptic connections for her
brain. 3. Perfect weather. On an anti-climatic note, Josh's carefully
planned and much anticipated itineraries are getting butchered by
stomache aches (mine), nap times, fear of public toilets and eating
too much lunch. Finally both Josh and I have agreed that oddly enough
there are a lot of similarities between Iceland and Maui.

Effects of Jet Lag?

This morning at 4am Josh woke up and had the audacity to wake me up as well with the most infuriating excitement. Let's go see a volcanoe sunrise! He said something about being in the clouds and seeing the sun rise from below it, forming a majestic canvas. Needless to say I was not in a mood for any majesty. Then at 5:30, I woke up and could not get the Josh log out of bed. I did not have anything exciting to entice waking him up with except my for my foul mouth and bad attitude.

It was so pork!

We are in Maui Hawaii! The plane rides had some low moments but
compared to a 17.5 ride to Bangkok, this was easy as pie. Or to use
another expression- it was cake. I don't know the origins or etymology
of these expressions but the Thais have a similar one. Easy as moo
(pork). Pork is a mainstay in the Thai diet, maybe more so than
chicken or beef. So if something is pretty easy to accomplish or goes
smoothly you can just say Moo! in response to, How was it? Moo is
promounced in a rising tone - as if you're asking a question. My
daughter's Thai nickname is the same word, Moo (pig) and she's fairly
easy going. I was thinking about this coincidence on the plane and it
made me smile.