Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fatherhood the sequel

Isn't this sweet? Frank gives his first bottle to Daisy.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Basil plants

I finished putting the rest of the 2 dozen or so plants RC gave me into the ground today. I hope they thrive. I will update you with pictures when I get back from my trip to Alaska next week.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just produce them and they will grow

I've been feeling a lot of guilt about how I should be spending more time at home or mother differently. And that maybe I should have waited for more spacing between my children so that I can give better individual attention to each. Today, someone at work provided some words of comfort and hopefully wisdom to me. She has teenage kids and said that if you take a group of kids, look at them, interview them, look at their grades/activities, it's not like you can separate them into two distinct groups: Oh-those-kids-moms-worked-full-time-jobs and these-kids-came-from-households-with-stay-at-home-moms.

It's a relief to know that they'll all thrive and that it's hard to screw up big time. A lot of it seems hard-wired and beyond your control?

I have a great wife!

I can not believe how sweet my friend RC is...after reading my blog which lamented how I won't have any Thai basil in the garden, she took the bull by the horns and bought me 16 lively plants! Contrast this to my husband, who ordered the seeds at least a month too late from a sketchy purveyor in eBay (he only paid $1 but the seeds never arrived). The plants are so nice, I'm sure she got them by doing that normal people do - going into a nice store and getting some help from knowledgeable sales people which ended with the reward of going home with some nice looking plants. If I were to get a divorce from my friend, she's going to have to pay a lot in alimony. I'm going to argue to the judge that she got me accustomed to a certain style of living. I'm sure she'll retort that my husband's lifestyle should be the marker but I'll argue that he just was an affair based on looks while she was the person I depended on for plants, food, conversation, etc.!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Effective diet?

Here we are, catching her in the act at various stages. Dazee pretty much stuffs as much food as she can in her mouth. She stops when her gag reflex kicks in and then she throws up. Yesterday, I pulled out a grape tomato, and two large strawberries. It was like seeing a magic trick (the one where he pulls out a very long string of hankerchiefs from something unlikely, like a parrot's throat). As I pulled each morsel out of her mouth, I was in complete amazement over how she got that much volume of food inside her mouth.

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Monday, June 9, 2008

4 girls!

It was like running a high quality day care today; we had 4 children in our backyard. High quality because the ratio of adult to children was 1 to 1. Although some of us weren't paying that much attention...

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Blondes have more fun

I like to think my 2nd daughter is blond. Her hair is lighter than everyone else in the family. But when we put her next to an Aryan baby, it's pretty clear, she's a brunette, and a chunky one to boot.

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Give me some of what they're smokin'

A friend of Josh's from college, (names have been changed to protect their privacy), Smoke, his wife and one year old daughter came to stay one night with us. It was a lot of fun having them and for me, it was interesting to see how another couple behaves towards each other and towards their child. Mostly it made me feel like J and I are so type A. They are so relax-o. Smoke even fell asleep on the living room floor, when he woke, I offered some fruit medley, he declined ever so contentedly, "No thanks, I don't think I could be happier than I am right now." But we only had a half hour to get them out the door to the airport! Josh and I started shitting bricks for them. We tried to rush them, but Smoke gave me a nice talk at a very leisurely pace on how he's missed flights before and concluded that it's really OK to miss them. One of the most egregious examples he gave was missing a flight to a work retreat. He had a to buy another ticket on the spot on his own dime! To which Josh offered his iron-clad philosophy, "We don't miss flights in this family. That's not an option." I felt a little nostalgic for my old life, where I didn't stress about missing flights. I guess I could go either way, Type Anal or zzz. Being with J has made me a little more uptight about flights.