Thursday, March 13, 2008

Would Josh use a call girl if he wasn't deathly afraid of me and spending a dollar?

Two days ago when news of Eliot Spitzer using a call girl broke out and he gave a brief talk with his wife Silda by his side, Josh asked me if I would stand by him like so many other faithful political wives have done. Of course my natural reaction to this question is suspicion-cum-fear-cum-anger - WHAT DID YOU DO?!! I asked.
Any we worked out that if he were to have a public job and messed up in some way, personal or professional, I promised to stand next to him as he apologized to the public.


frank said...

It would be hard to imagine JS spending $1200 for an hour with a call girl...though I have to admit the last one Eliot Spitzer had does look incredibly wild. The only time I could imagine would be if his firm goes BRPT and in a fit of despondency he looks for a good deal on one.
(Just kidding. He has all of his mother's self-control.)

Lost in Dixie said...

I asked another guy friend of mine the same question (not about standing by your man) but he also said, "he wouldn't pay a $1 for that"...also a thrifty person.

I would NOT stand by my man. Then again, I would not get married to a politician. I wish we could cut this crap in US France, Spain, any Mediterranean country, this never happens because women are not the property of men.

I think the whole thing is offensive. She's been shamed once, now she has to lie again and be humiliated publicly?

Cassandra Jupiter said...

This is cynical. Do you really think she's shocked? I'm sure she knew something unsavory was up. The marriage couldn't have been strong...and you know yourself how a relationship is going. What must the most shocking is the public humiliation.