Saturday, January 5, 2008

Trip Advisor - Thailand

Highly Recommended
1. Evason Hotel in Pranburi (Hua Hin area) - Eco hotel; the best breakfast buffet (4 kinds of homemade yogurt, enjoyed by Josh); great room aesthetics.
2. Grand Hyatt Erawan hotel in Bangkok - the best 24 hr gym; great location for shopping and BTS (skytrain)
3. Sukhothai hotel in Bangkok - the best service (even better than the Oriental, in my opinion), room design and this was where we had our wedding.
4. Direct flight from NY to Bangkok on Thai airways - otherwise you'll need at least one stop over in Asia.
5. Blue Mango restaurant in Ao Nang beach, Krabi - delicious, high quality Thai food and Swedish food (not fusion); no air conditioning.
6. Naj Exquisite cuisine in Bangkok - my aunt owns this restaurant; this is not a biased review, this place rocks!
7. Go to Krabi over Phuket.
8. Visit Thailand during the months of Nov-Jan for the best weather.

Thailand and Wedding Pictorial Highlights

Sadie and Dazee in matching swings.
My husband did not even recognize me in the beastly makeup. The make up artist told me ahead of time that he was going for a "natural" look. He must work with a lot of dragons.

My dear brother adeptly adjusting his bride's bustle. I bet most men don't even know what one is.
Check out those cool roots!
Mimi and her bridesmaids. From the left - Liz, ever the sport, wore a dress that had a makeshift lace corset back since there wasn't even enough material to cover her modest frame. Me, I'm in an ill-fitting dress, a sacrifice since my sister didn't want to wear it. Mona, Mimi, my sister, Siri and Sara. My beautiful mother and her grand-daughter, my daughter, Dazee.

My mom's mom, 90+, our oldest living ancestor.

4 generations of girls!
Look at my brother in his pimpin' white suit and pink tie. You can't tell from this picture, but the pimp- suit was completed by white leather shoes and smooth covering foundation (makeup for his face!). Mimi, his bride, looks like Venus! Dazee resplendent in all her glorious size, amply pouring out of the bassinet. With the new obese passenger rules (must buy two seats if you're big), I think we should have bought her two baby seats.

It takes a few adults to get Dazee's thumbprint. A few to hold the hand with the ink, a few more to control the other wildly failing hand. Pre-Wedding prep - My brother, holding two cell phones, a Blackberry and a PDA in his pockets.

For a pics from a professional photog, check out this link:

Friday, January 4, 2008

Superbad a good movie, Josh - even funnier

During the movie, I turned to my husband and asked him if he thinks Jewel really likes Seth. (Seth, a "dork" would really like to get with her) He replies in the tone of a lawyer making a closing statement, "It's fiction."
This is more uproarious to me than anything! When I watch movies, I really get into the plot and the characters. I don't need much to stir my imagination. Loose characterizations, flimsy premises, I don't care. I have fun speculating about how things may end up or should end up. Why is my husband so much more logical than me?

I laughed, I cried, I PIMP!

I'm back from Thailand! I had such a wonderful time, I will post updates soon.
I really miss blogging and reading blogs! I was so pleased that Beth posted so many entries, even though I think she's officially still on hiatus.

We asked for our mail to be held for two weeks. I thought we would have to go to the post office to pick up our all of our junk mail. But guess what Sammy, our mailman left on my doorstep today:

A crate full of mail!!! I wonder if I'm supposed to return this crate and if I got this service because I tipped him?