Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mike Tyson bee

Whenever there's a bee nearby, I always thought Josh went nuts. He would go into this panicky, fearful, over-protective mode - "Stay away!" he would bark, while commanding me to run as fast as possible. If I didn't go berserk like him and make a show of flight-or-fight, he would take matters into his own hands and try to push or throw me away from the bee. In fact, I always thought he was over-reacting and treated his reaction as Tarzan-like chest thumping but in a funny way because a big man was afraid of a little bee.
Well I got my come-uppance last week when I got stung by a bee. It's been ridiculously painful. Because it's only the second bee sting in my lifetime, I didn't really have a good idea of how much it can hurt.
Then I recalled that in Thai, a bee sting is called a bee punch. That's a much more accurate statemtent of what happened to me. I got punched by a bee.


Why are companies such flexible job haters? Who came up with this 9-5 (or longer), five days a week bullshit? Many people I know would love to have a flexible job - I know I would love it and be just as productive if not more, if I could get Wednesdays off or work from home 2 days a week or work part time and job-share with someone.

Literally bringing home the bacon

Adding to my idea of mandating food scrap recycling, I'm ready to impose that everyone with a suitable plot of land grow something edible or raise sheep, pigs, chickens or cows. Wouldn't it be great if we could exchange produce/meat/livestock products with neighbors? I offered this idea to Josh on the train but he poo-pooed it, thinking that we can't abandon technology and go back to our ancestral model of acquiring food. Ironically, I thought growing your own stuff is more ethical and sustainable...Last night I was reading a few things about Monsanto, how much chemical processing and fossil fuels it takes to get food to the table and how evil and scary certain industrial practices are. I really feel bad for how animals are treated and scared about all the antibiotics and hormones used in meat/dairy/egg processing.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Don't call Social Services on us

Wow! The new camera is so good at capturing images that it's exposing all of our parental weaknesses. Note to self: wipe boogers off child.

If I were mayor

Why doesn't every municipality mandate food scrap recycling? An added benefit is that we will have compost available for the entire town. Instead, every town I've ever lived in has recycling only for glass, metal and paper. It takes a lot of energy to recycle these things and who knows if it's worth it in the end? Whereas composting food scrap is easy, fast and really works.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


My very cheap husband finally caved in after years of whining (from me, in case anyone is wondering) and got us a digital SLR. Since it's late right now, the only pictures we can take are of our kids sleeping. I'm amazed at the quality because the room was pitch black when these pictures were taken (which also explains why they're at an awkard angle). I've instructed my mom to dress them in their Sunday's best when I come home from work tomorrow so I can take pictures of them.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Nice picture

Here's a nice picture of my two girls.

JS - a different kind of terrorist

So my hubby "hijacks" an email I receive from a friend asking about backpacks to carry babies in on hiking trips. He preaches to her about his moral values- "Cheap Cheap here (we use "husband" and "cheap" interchangeably.) We have the "backcountry" by kelty kids. You can have it (or borrow) if you like. It's decent for the kid carrying (well padded and comfortable), but doesn't have any extra storage. I think we've used two times ... maybe three. Not enough for each family to own one ... I think one per every 4 families is probably enough .. maybe 1 per 5 or 6 families. So feel free to use - also to come visit again. I have a push lawnmower (no gas or electricity) ... you can try that out too if you want. ;)"

Wicked witch or sensible?

Many moms give their 2-3 yr old ice cream at play dates. I feel like I can't refuse it for Sadie because it would create such an awkward situation. I don't give my children ice cream - ever. Yesterday at the pre-school picnic, even the school arranged for an ice cream truck. Both children and adults were lining up for treats, but Josh and I poo-pooed it and even told the school director we thought it was a mistake.

Good thing that my deprived daughter doesn't even like ice cream, maybe because she's never been exposed to it. The few times she's been tainted by getting it, she took a bite or two and turned up her nose. Yay Sadie!!!

Josh's bevy of babes

I wonder, while growing up, if it ever occurred to my whitey white Jewy husband that he'd be living with an East Asian harem.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Random pics

Here are the fabled monogrammed towels -- I pulled together three of them.

Whoa! The grass really grew at my mother's old house.