Monday, June 2, 2008

JS - a different kind of terrorist

So my hubby "hijacks" an email I receive from a friend asking about backpacks to carry babies in on hiking trips. He preaches to her about his moral values- "Cheap Cheap here (we use "husband" and "cheap" interchangeably.) We have the "backcountry" by kelty kids. You can have it (or borrow) if you like. It's decent for the kid carrying (well padded and comfortable), but doesn't have any extra storage. I think we've used two times ... maybe three. Not enough for each family to own one ... I think one per every 4 families is probably enough .. maybe 1 per 5 or 6 families. So feel free to use - also to come visit again. I have a push lawnmower (no gas or electricity) ... you can try that out too if you want. ;)"

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