Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Addicted to umami

Excerpt of definition of umami from wikipedia:
Umami is a Japanese word meaning "savory" or "meaty" and thus applies to the sensation of savoriness—specifically, to the detection of glutamates, which are especially common in meats, cheese and other protein-heavy foods. The action of umami receptors explains why foods treated with monosodium glutamate (MSG) often taste "fuller". MSG CrystalsNot only do I love junky soy burgers, but I can't get enough of MSG. I need a daily dose of it, in either sour cream and onion flavored chips or Thai instant noodles. I don't know why MSG has a bad rap. It occurs naturally in things like yeast or seaweed. I think some companies are trying to obscure that they use MSG equivalents by using disodium guanylate or disodium inosinate. Like Utz potato chips or Lipton instant side dishes. I haven't yet seen a product that uses these ingredients with a flagrant "NO MSG" label.
But anyway, I don't give a fuck. Please label "YES! LOTS OF MSG" or "UMAMI FOR YOU".

QUICK - Go see Ben Scaccia in Local Story!

I recently saw Local Story at the Access Theatre. The play is running until 12/20 so go run and get tickets or buy them at the door. Afterwards, go eat in Chinatown!
I really got into the plot. I can't watch TV or movies, they're too slick and irrelevant for me. Small productions are the way to go, they're going to monopolize my very large entertainment budget of like $20 per month.
The actors are all so well cast in Local Story. I have to plug our very own Ben Scaccia. He did some really convincing nerd trying to be a cool kid virgin-smoker sputtering bit. Ben and Leanne, if you're reading this, I'm going to see every play you star in. I've loved every role Ben has played.
After the show was over, Josh and I hung around because we wanted to talk to Ben a bit. Before Ben came out to meet us, some of his co-stars were already milling with the crowd. I like that. I like the intimacy of meeting the artists and I feel cool knowing that I know one of the actors.
As for the rest of the cast, it's a little weird to see them off stage because they were so convincing in their roles. Because the first experience I have with them is in an acting role, when I meet their real selves, the real selves are actually the actors to me. It's kind of like when you're a kid and you see your teacher at the mall. You get so freaked out to see them out of the usual context.
Ben -- GREAT WORK!! We had a great time watching and rooting for you.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Shameless marketing

Whoa! Read this article on how invasive ads are becoming...
An excerpt -- "How soon will it be until in addition to the do-not-call list, we'll have a 'do not beam commercial messages into my head' list?"

Monday, December 10, 2007

Fashionably insensitive and looking ageless

In a previous post, I gave examples of my sometimes avant-garde or ridiculous (you pick) get-ups. Well, I forgot to tell you about my other half. His glasses are detectably uneven and he owns (and wears!) an ill-fitting pumpkin-spiced color alpaca overcoat that he insists is pimpin'.
My pookie is also preternaturally well preserved in terms of his looks and clothes. It is so spooky to see pictures of him from 10 years ago or so wearing the same t-shirt he still wears today and looking exactly the same - age 22-24. It's not fair -- How can someone who shuns sunscreen look younger than me, totally high-SPF sunscreen obsessed? How can a goddamn t-shirt be wearable after 15 years of use?! If this trend continues, it won't be long before I have to drudge through stupid May-December jokes about how I robbed the cradle when I married him.
Meanwhile, I've changed and aged tremendously. I'm in the midst of cleaning and organizing my closets...and I bemoan having to throw out the preposterously small garments that were cut for a pixie. Should I save some of those things for my 2 yr old daughter to wear in a few years? It's so laughable that I don't even believe that I was ever that small.

I'm a total embarrassment

Mr. Rochester would probably keep me in the basement. I like to wear mis-matched bright colors. I combine trends. I own fluorescent pink imitation Crocs. I wear them with everything because I think they match everything. I have slouchy fuchsia leather elbow gloves. I fold hems of jeans hem up like 10 inches. If worse comes to worse and I don't have anything to wear, I think lingerie on top of white dress shirts are acceptable. I asked my mother-in-law to knit me a pair of arm-warmers. She and my father in-law thought I was joking.
I kinda feel sorry for my kids that I'm a total embarrassment, but I can't help it and in a strange and twisted way, I'm proud.