Thursday, July 17, 2008

3 year old baby

Sadie insisted on wearing one of Dazee's "onesie" or jumpsuit today. We're supposed to dress her in a bathing suit for camp, but she refused. I tried all kinds of bribes and chicanery but nothing convinced her of taking off her baby sister's outfit. She looks silly and the camp people might get mad that we didn't follow instructions and send her in wearing a bathing suit. I guess we should tell them we don't care if she "swims" in her "regular" "clothes". Sigh....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm supposed to learn from a pathological sleep averter?

Many times I hear people say we need to get in touch with children or we need to think and feel the world like children. How they have such a keen sense of being in the moment, how they take risks, fully trust and how they are full of self esteem etc. etc. This is all true but I can't help but think of a situation when I don't understand children and certainly do not want to emulate them.

Each night, my children put up the biggest fuss as they resist going to bed. How can I get my children to sleep easily and quickly? I know they're tired. Why are children so pathological? Instead of screaming and crying why don't they just close their eyes, relax and go to sleep like normal human beings?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Take a breather

I'm in the middle of executive training and the instructor tells us to
take a break. What do we all do? Everyone reaches for their Blackberry
or cell phone. It's kind of funny because I self consciously reach for
my Blackberry to follow the herd but when I first heard take a break,
I was thinking about zoning out.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Because I'm not on a text message plan on any work or personal devices, I'm totally clueless about texting. I just discovered like 20 texts, sent in the last year on my Blackberry. Most of them seem to be either junk mail or automated notifications from my service provider. There is one from a friend asking, Where is your office located again? I did eventually meet him for lunch (this took place a few months ago), so he did figure where to meet me. How come he never mentioned my SMS snub?