Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm supposed to learn from a pathological sleep averter?

Many times I hear people say we need to get in touch with children or we need to think and feel the world like children. How they have such a keen sense of being in the moment, how they take risks, fully trust and how they are full of self esteem etc. etc. This is all true but I can't help but think of a situation when I don't understand children and certainly do not want to emulate them.

Each night, my children put up the biggest fuss as they resist going to bed. How can I get my children to sleep easily and quickly? I know they're tired. Why are children so pathological? Instead of screaming and crying why don't they just close their eyes, relax and go to sleep like normal human beings?

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farnk said...

Could it be that we resist sleep because of a fear of the dark or, even deeper, a fear of death. A child feels too happy in the presence of a parent to "leave" easily. (We didn't have any trouble and that's why we thought it would be better to skip the nap.)