Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mommy's little helper

The two of them relish the other being punished.

S was in a timeout in the living room when she started whining and belting out some insults. Something about putting a spell on me. So her timeout escalated to a timeout in the basement.

"I'll open the door for you!" D says gleefully, running to open the basement door.

Poor Sadie

She's got her issues and is no angel but she's definitely straight-laced when compared with her wily sister.
Two examples:

"Mommmeeeee," Sadie whines. "Dazee's calling me stupid!" she tattles.
"I'm not calling her stupid," says D. "I said nubid!" She turns to her sister, repeating her torment, "NUBID, NUBID, NUBID!!!"

"Stop it Dazee! I don't like it!" S yells in desperation. She's being chased and she can't find a way out. "But I just want to hug you!" D repeats in an overly sweet voice as she chases her sister. Round and round they go around the house repeating this exchange.