Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dazee and me at the NY Botanical Garden

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Some animals we saw at the Bronx zoo

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Mommy kangaroo

Me, happily carrying over 50lbs!

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Giggles all around from leg wiggles

Josh wiggled his skinny legs to get these great expressions out of us.

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The 4 cousins!

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These were the storm clouds just before it started pouring.

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Perfect storm

Look at these fabulous pictures I took of my niece and nephew just minutes before a nasty rainstorm. It was raining horrendously hard and the house became pitch black in the middle of the day! Oh and credit goes to me for hairstyling too!

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Thursday, July 31, 2008


I have a summer cold. Summer colds are the worst!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How to be happy longer

What's the secret to long lasting happiness? I asked my lunch companions. Short term happiness seems pretty easy...I remembered being very excited when we first bought our house or sometimes when I get something I really like, like the monogrammed towels. The excitement has worn off in both situations. Am I supposed to buy another house or get new towels to inject some joy into my life?
I thought about what I read once, that happiness is a pretty stable factor. They took two groups of people, measured their levels of happiness before and after a really happy event like winning the lottery or a really tragic event, like becoming a quadriplegic. Surprisingly, after some time has passed, the levels of happiness was the same after the initial high or low of the unhappy or happy event.
So except for short bursts of excitement and sadness, I'm pretty much doomed to my current levels of happiness regardless of what I do?

Irresponsible hydration

Does anyone actually believe that Vitamin Water is good for you? I'm drinking a nice looking light pink concoction called "formula 50" with the subtitle "grape (50% daily dose)". The sub-title is very confusing to me because in the ingredient list, I can't find the word "grape". I do see "cane sugar", "crystalline fructose", "natural flavor" among the top ingredients, leading me to proclaim, the product is a piece of sh@!!

I'm behind the times

As it turns out, everybody and their mother-in-law is using a Sonicare or like product. WTF have I been?!
Now I'd like to know what the best/most effective model is and my husband's typical style of spending, I'm pretty sure I got the cheapest model possible. Wonder if it's refurbished?!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not to be outdone

Here's Dazee, 22 hours old in her best hospital garb.

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Blast from the past!

Well not so so past...Sadie, about 16 hours old.

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