Thursday, March 4, 2010

This made me laugh

A lady in a ginormous monster truck was backing out of a parking spot at the supermarket today. It took her more than 5 tries. She honked at me to move my shopping cart. I thought there was enough clearance but I complied and moved it.

A 70 year old James Dean wanna-be (complete with the over-gelled hair, distressed leather jacket and low cut t-shirt) pulled up next to me and started sympathizing. "She had more than enough room; she shouldn't be driving that thing if she can't drive."

"Maybe I shouldn't have left the cart there," I said. I always feel bad about not putting it back in the front of the store. It seems so wasteful to hire an entire person to do this job.

"It's not your fault, honey," he croaked. Geez, he must smoke like 2 packs a day. "Everyone leaves their carts out."

Then he promptly parks his car into a handicapped spot! I didn't see a handicapped sticker or plate. I was going to stick around and see if he walked without any aids. If not, I was fantasizing about telling him off even though he was siding with me re: the shopping cart.

Of course I did nothing and drove off chuckling.


I asked Sadie to pour out some bread crumbs for me as I was breading some fish fillets. She brought over the container and poured waaaay too much out. Right away I realized I should've coached her through it to pour it out gently and with control.

"Oh, it's too much!" I exclaim with some calamity since I don't like waste.

"That's because kids don't know how much grown ups want," says S wisely.