Friday, January 4, 2008

I laughed, I cried, I PIMP!

I'm back from Thailand! I had such a wonderful time, I will post updates soon.
I really miss blogging and reading blogs! I was so pleased that Beth posted so many entries, even though I think she's officially still on hiatus.

We asked for our mail to be held for two weeks. I thought we would have to go to the post office to pick up our all of our junk mail. But guess what Sammy, our mailman left on my doorstep today:

A crate full of mail!!! I wonder if I'm supposed to return this crate and if I got this service because I tipped him?


kongquan said...

I wouldn't keep the crate thingy. It's dirty & stuff. But maybe because I'm a germaphobe. First off your girls are beautiful!!~ I can't believe I bumped into your blog on the net. I'm on facebook, didn't find you though. However your sister found me. Add me if you are still on facebook. I'd love to get back in touch! Miss you my Gra-tdoon (sp?) friend! LOL Do you still remember that? Haha *hugs*

Carl said...

That isn't a crate ("an open box of wooden slats or a usually wooden protective case or framework for shipping" -- Merriam-Webster). It's more of a basket.

Cassandra Jupiter said...

Carl, I'm gonna have to say screw the authorities (MW). It's more of a crate than a basket. I think if it had a handle or two that went across the top, I might go with basket. Josh offered, "vinyl crate".

Haik Bedrosian said...

Whatever it was I don't think Sammy was supposed to leave it there. According to this USPS FAQ:

"If you choose to have your letter carrier deliver your accumulated mail, only the mail that will fit in your mail receptacle will be delivered if you are not home. If the accumulated mail exceeds your mailbox size, your letter carrier will leave a Delivery Notice and return the overflow mail to your local Post Office for pickup.

Also, I think it's illegal to offer federal employees money, and it's illegal for them to accept it.

This whole bin for money thing smacks of a corrupt quid pro quo.

Yeah I said it. Bin.

Cassandra Jupiter said...

I left the crate/bin/basket on the doorstep and Sammy picked it up. There was something written on it like if you misuse it, you'll get in big trouble. I wonder what constitutes misuse? Filling it with water for irrigation?