Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Measuring the weight or volume of breasts...

Part IV
Ari left a comment on my post on the importance of the third measurement. "Maybe a water displacement system would work best... you dip your breasts into a tub of water and note how much the water level rises for a true measure of their volume."
Even though I'm a lazy science retard, this point merited additional research. I learned about the principle of Archimedes: If the object is less dense than water (if it floats on water), it displaces a weight of water equal to the weight of the object. If the object sinks in water, it simply displaces a volume of water equal to the volume of the object.
Thank goodness for the wonderfully wacky Internet, someone else thought of this idea and executed it, the British, no less! I found this article on dipping your boobs in warm water as a first step to finding the right bra. (Funny enough it was a total coincidence, I didn't actively search for this article, I came across it while reading about the devaluation of the dollar against the euro -- which has me completely pissed at Bush, but I'll blog about that later.)
Because breasts are attached to women, how can we ever do the water displacement method with precision? Would they sink or swim on their own, literally and figuratively? Does the displacement of the booby water equal the volume or the weight? I'm sure there's some kind of weight/volume relationship and I really don't know diddly about mass and density (but maybe that's not relevant); despite all this, there seems to be scientific holes to this breast dunking method. Maybe we should reserve this as a money making scheme for charity events.
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Molly said...

You write very well.

farnk said...

I just went to '' and was so shocked by the menu I didn't click any further. What does it mean when someone says they are 'going to post on boobage?'