Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Facebook Love-Hate...it's complicated

OK, my sister's been bugging me about going on Facebook, insists that Friendster is so passe. I tried to sign up with my real name but that doesn't work because Star is a common fake name. So I used my maiden name, "Kixxhaxaxxthin" as my real name. I tried to add Star as my maiden name so that I can be searched by both names but Facebook denied me. I tried to sign up Josh, but his name is like a pseudonym too...What the hell is up with these Facebook nazis? Stars everywhere, we have to unite and fight for our Facebook rights. It doesn't make any sense to me that something as random as ridiculously long Thai maiden name which could have been Sjsdjdslfklds or other gobbledy gook would be accepted while Star is forbidden.
It's going to take me a while to emotionally recover from these setbacks. I'm not motivated to write to the Facebook staff to plea for my real name or my husband's. But on the other hand, I'm totally sucked into the features! They are so creepily cool, I'm sure Facebook can just get your damn social and validate it with your name so we can rid ourselves of the pseudonym problem.


Lost in Dixie said...

I guess I'm parting ways with this more voyeuristic/exhibitionist generation--I'm too paranoid to showcase my life on facebook or myspace or whatever...is it really worth it to have all that info there about yourself?

Cassandra Jupiter said...

Dixie - I'm in total agreement. I just blocked my Facebook info to only my Facebook "friends" or my friendsters as I like to call them. And wouldya stop callin' me by my real name?! Otherwise, I'm gonna have to use your real name too, Ms. Dixie! Hahahha. That's a good one. I like.