Friday, November 9, 2007

Plugs for Chris Elliot, Wikipedia, MOTR and little known sitcoms

I am a big fan of the short-lived sitcom that was broadcast in the early 90s, Get a Life. The show starred Chris Elliott as a 30 yr old paperboy living with his family and featured Stand by REM as its theme song. I thought it was the funniest and bravest thing on TV.
Many years later, when I was reminiscing about this show, very few people knew what I was talking about. I was hoping to find episode synopsises on the Internet. All I could dig up were some Chris Elliott bios that mentioned this show as stint on his resume.
Flash to around 2001, I discovered MTR (Museum of Television and Radio). You can actually watch or listen to most stuff that has been broadcast on TV or radio ("It is a curated collection. Programs have been selected on the basis of artistic achievement, social impact, or historic significance.") in your own console and they even have family consoles (for up to 4). So I got better than episode synopsises, I watched actual episodes of Get a Life at a classy museum joint. How cool is that?!
6 years later, 2007, I find a Wikipedia entry on Get a Life and learned that 2 DVDs were released! The timing is impeccable, I was just feeling so bummed that I've seen every episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Chris Elliott's jokes never get old for me -- "I just won the genetic lottery!" he proclaims on one show. While I wait for my Get a Life DVDs, I'm going to watch static-y, low quality videos from Youtube of another old sitcom, The Charmings and another brave show, Whoops Apocalypse. Here is the IMDB episode guide to Whoops Apocalypse. I'm so happy that commercially unsuccessful shows from the 80s and early 90s that I loved actually have cult followings.
HOURS upon HOURS can be killed at MTR!!! They totally need a dating scene. Or go there with your kids and watch My Little Pony, JEM, Snorks, Kissyfur, Gummi Bears, Thundercats etc.!!!


JS said...

"Get a life" (1990 3.2/5 stars) is on hold for us ... when it becomes available, they'll send it to us. I think a dating scene at MOTR is a great idea - they can target particular age groups with shows from a narrow time band. Or maybe a particular SNL episode - maybe a christmas episode with Eddie Murphy from 1985 or so. And have drinking too ... and advertise it on facebook!

A Kast said...

I've killed many an hour at MOTR, esp cuz my old Sony ID gets me in for free. Chris Elliot is screamingly funny... I used to absolutely crack up whenever he did his odd character appearances on Letterman in the 80s. I thought he was the funniest guy alive at the time. I remember once he came on wearing one of those dog collars they give dogs to prevent them from chewing their stitches after an operation. He explained that he had just followed Cher's lead and had some ribs removed to improve his figure. He was just so ridiculous, but with a totally straight face, I still laugh even today thinking about it.

KK said...

Ari, I've never seen that Letterman appearance. But your description of it is so good, couple that with my knowledge of Chris Elliott, just reading your comment is leaving me in stitches. Chris Elliot is so funny, he makes me cry.