Saturday, November 10, 2007

British Standard Handful

Part V
So my husband emailed this response, "Although the 'grab a handful' technique is less scientific, if done by an expert, it probably works too." to Ari's comment about using water displacement as a way to measure the volume of breasts. I thought his comment to be filthy and unhelpful.
As it turns out, someone else thought of this, and made the concept funny and palatable to me, introducing the British Standard Handful!
Here's an excerpt "...One BSH is defined as the amount of breast that could be held by Henry VIII's right hand..."
Do go to the link, British Standard Handful and read the whole thing. It pokes fun at other favorite targets, such as the unhelpful metric system.
Read more Bra Saga.


tearsinmycoffee said...

I remember hearing my mom talk about how in Italy, the perfect breast size was one that fit into a wine glass. I'm guessing she meant somthing like a rhine glass. I always thought to myself, 'there's no way these babies are fitting into ANY kind of glass!'

I'm posting today on boobage...

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