Thursday, November 8, 2007

One for the husband

I complain all the time to my husband about how he selfishly hoards good experiences from me. For example, it can be an article he read in New Yorker that touched him in some way, but he mentions it in passing months later by casually asking me something to the effect of..."Did you read that article in New Yorker about chocolate...there was an interesting point on..." Of course I haven't and we've never spoken about it until now. Which irritates me for two reasons: One, I have a perception that when our New Yorker arrives, he snatches its up, devours its contents, then puts it in the garbage when he's done, so poor little me, I never get any literary stimulation and feel left in the lurch. Two, if I read or experience something interesting, emotional, stimulating, etc. I like to share it with him and get his take. (I'm trying to make this easier on both of us by making him read my blog instead of talking to him.)
Well recently, he gave me the equivalent of three dozen roses by sending me the link to the Transcript of Commencement Speech at Stanford given by Steve Jobs with a terse subject: I like this. I really enjoyed it, I cried through it and found it very inspirational. Thanks Josh! I love you.

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