Sunday, March 1, 2009

Alert: Hubby in the kitchen!!!!

(Picture of gigantic mixing bowl - >13" in diameter!)

My husband is exploding everything in the kitchen to make his vegetable lasagna. I interviewed him about the ingredients....
I found out that he used 2 lbs of dry pasta, about 6lbs of tomato sauce, 6 lbs of cheese and 2lbs of broccoli!!!!
Excluding the pan, about 17.5lbs of ingredients went into the oven!

He would like to make a PSA/share a secret for my dear readers: Use more noodles than you think you need.

Egads, I have waaaay too many things on the counter that needs to be cleaned up. Nice smile, Josh.

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RC said...

OMG, he is hard core! Does he know that Barilla makes lasagna sheets that don't need to be boiled, first?

Cassandra Jupiter said...

And yes, I think they do know, as either he or his mother or both of them have remarked to me that the no-boil noodles aren't as effective/good as the old fashioned way.

the husband said...

And coincidence or not, I believe the no-boil sheets are also more expensive! (And I think they,re smaller too)