Monday, April 26, 2010

Keeping fingers crossed

Hope I'm not giving my daughter an eating complex. I promised her a pretzel that she waited patiently for. When I was ready to give it to her, she found a stray jelly bean on the countertop. She promptly popped it into her mouth and I told her I wasn't going to give her a pretzel since she was having the jelly bean.
She said, I can spit out the jelly bean, which she did.
Then she put it back into her mouth and started chewing again. Then she tried to pull out the green shreds.
Watching all this happening so quickly and her emotions made me so sad. I told her she could have both.
She didn't even believe it, "I can have both?" she repeated.
Yes, I told her. So she swallowed the shreds with glee and also got her pretzel.

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Farnk said...

Delightful vignette...