Monday, July 27, 2009

How to treat honkers?

Adding to my commuting woes is having to crossing a busy street to get to the train station. There's an official crosswalk, but waiting for the actual green light could mean waiting 2 full minutes or so, which is far too long for any commuter.
Many of us walk a few feet away from the crosswalk to the middle of the street and try our luck there. Some of the braver of us find an opening and then boldly walk to the middle of the street and stand on the double yellow line, waiting for the other side of the traffic to clear. Often times the on-coming traffic will slow down or stop. Today, I was one of the bold ones.
I crossed in the middle of street, away from the crosswalk and then waited at the double yellow lines. When there was a slight opening, a man and I decided to run across. I mostly made it safely across before I heard the horn honking and saw that the other guy almost got hit by the car who didn't slow down. He got really upset and looked like he wanted to throw his paper against the car. I'm not sure what the right thing to do is. I don't think it's right to spook crossers by honking or not slowing down. But I didn't think I should throw a rock or curse either.
All of this would probably go away if I lived in a small town. A friend of mine once remarked that he had spread open a road map in the middle of his steering wheel while stopped at a light in a small town. A few minutes later, he looked up and realized that the light had changed a few times. What shocked him was that the cars in the back of him did not honk.


farnk said...

This is so true. I love to stop for people crossing wherever...especially for mothers pushing perambulators. It makes me feel so cleansed of my negative feelings...

RC said...

Pedestrians always have the right of way. It's the first sentence of the driving manual. How easy it is to forget. The guy who didn't slow down is a jerk.