Monday, March 9, 2009

Only so much she can take

"My tummy!" Sadie yells a little louder, repeating what she said earlier to her grandfather, who's a little hard of hearing.
"Your cousin?!" says Pa.
"No, my tummy!" she yells even louder.
"What?" says Pa, asking for more clarification.
Now she yells at the top of her lungs, "MY TUMMY!!!!"
And he says, "Your cousin?"
She's finally had it with him and gives her a piece of her mind, reprimanding him with the ultimate conversation killer, "Pa, you're poopy!"


farnk said...

This is a complete canard exaggerated by my DIL(daughter-in-law) to make me feel bad bad. The incident involved watching a cartoon character on TV to which I feigned an interest to try and engage with my otherwise mesmerized (by the TV) granddaughter. I asked what the name of the character was and she said " Boo...." dropping the last sounds of the word so I thought "Booo..." was an odd name for a character and I kept repreating it as she yelled what I thought was "Booo..." even louder until finally the mother said "Boots!". Then my granddaugthter called me a 'poopy' which she would never had dared to do if her grandmother (who is raising her) had been in the room.
The trouble with blogs like this is that they are create a false impression and no one is the wiser except those in the know.

Cassandra Jupiter said...

Farnk is partially right. This conversation partially happened over the telephone and I know it's a little hard to hear over the wire.
Thanks for reminding me it was Boots. Which she did say clearly and had to repeat multiple times until she got so upset she called you poopy!