Monday, March 16, 2009

Give me a break!

A few snippets from the NEW YORK AP:
"Federal prosecutors have notified a New York court that they also want the assets of Bernard Madoff's wife. In a court filing, the government said it will seek the $7 million Manhattan penthouse as well as another $62 million that Ruth Madoff had sought to keep.
Madoff's lawyers had indicated earlier that they planned to claim Ruth Madoff was entitled to keep as much as $69 million in assets.
They said the assets were not part of Madoff's fraud and that they were in her name."

Doh, where do you think she got those assets from?! I'm pretty sure there's a high probability they were ill-gotten from the scheme they were running.


Wayne L said...

Kenneth Lay and others have used the same tactic, with perhaps greater success, such as having all your property held in your four year old's name.

Does anyone think that we need to have the laws changed about this and executive "bonuses" that are contractual payouts? Bonus? Huh?

farnk said...

I don't know about you, but there's a lot I do and/or think without my wife's being aware. So maybe she deserves to keep the properties.

js said...

Doesn't matter whether she is to blame or not,the $ was tainted, so has to be returned. It's like being given counterfeit $ - it's not your fault, but you're left the loser for it.