Friday, September 5, 2008


Yesterday my dear husband watched both our kids while I worked. He took them to meet me at the train station on my way back from work. Dazie's face looked sun-burned, but most noticeable was black patches of dirt and grime all over her face. She looked like a homeless kid. Sadie, meanwhile was wearing only a shirt. That's right, no pants and no underwear.
How could he let them out in public like that?!


Anonymous said...

How did Josh look?

js said...

He was grinning like a proud dad, as families walked by and the parents warned their only-child not to talk to strangers. Funny thing was, the well-heeled children looked enviously (and disgustedly) at the extent of D&S's freedoms.

farnk said...

If the shirt covered her privates it might not be so bad...maybe it was just so hot and humid. Of course, if she was wearing her new 'pawple' bracelet she might hsve looked kind of chic. But what was with the 'black patches' on 'Dazie?' (Is that the correct spelling?