Thursday, August 7, 2008

One for each of us

Last week, I did a run of about 4-5 miles with my bionic sister in law and husband. It was especially gratifying because I smoked my husband. He was really hurtin' while I was shinin'. It felt so good to beat such a bastion of conceit. Granted, he was under the weather and had nothing to eat (whereas I downed a bagel and orange juice before "competing") but I'm happy to gloat over the win.

A few days later, we went for another run and he really kicked my butt. He said, let's start sprinting; from the moment he said it, I knew I was done...I'm much better at endurance. Anyway, I watched him in awe. He didn't even look human anymore, the way he moved his arms. They were flitting so fast, like hummingbird wings - amazing!

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farnk said...

Oh this is rich! This is a classic blog from this precise-worded and talented blogger. This is on a par with my New Yorker! Oh this is so funny this just makes my day! Thank you!