Monday, August 11, 2008

Joys of fatherhood

Me: My children bring me so much joy every time I see them.
Farnk: Yea, but that won't last long.
Me: What do you mean?! This feeling goes away?
Farnk: Yes, by the time they're 8, you won't feel the same way.

Extremely forlorn by this conversation, I turned to another individual who has grown children, Josh's aunt.

Me: I heard that by 8 years old children stop giving you joy. Is this true? Because I don't want to believe it.
Josh's aunt: What?! Who told you that? Your children always bring you joy. And when they become adults you feel so proud that they've become people.
Me: Farnk told me that.
Josh's aunt breaks into chuckles.

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stella said...

Ha,ha,ha, this is so funny! I can assure you that your child(ren) continues to give you more happiness than anything else in life. The feeling you have now never goes away :)

Cassandra Jupiter said...

Hi Stella, what a relief to hear this again. :) I'm wondering though what happens if your children become assholes? Do you still feel the same way? Or what happens when parents just don't get along with kids? I hear a lot about people with bad/abusive relationships and have wondered about the feelings involved from the parental perspective.

stella said...

Yes, good point! I've often wondered about the same thing. It must be horrible to be the parent of an asshole, or be in an abusive relationship with your adult child or not get along...or..... So, I guess everything hinges on the child and the parent being reasonably healthy and o.k. So what is the conclusion here? Be good to ourselves and the child and respect the parent child relationship from the very beginning. And ultimately do the very best we can and hope for the best....