Thursday, July 10, 2008

How we were meant to celebrate the 4th of July

By pure coincidence, at the Morgan museum, I saw a letter, written in 1779, by our founding father, George Washington . In it, Washington orders his general to fire 13 cannons at 1PM to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of our Declaration of Independence. Because they were in the middle of fighting the Revolutionary War, Washington notes that the reason for doing is to "exhilarate the troops" since we "can not afford rum". Finally in the post script of the letter, Washington specifically notes that they use the "damaged" gunpowder (just enough for 13) to fire the cannons.

Washington was frugal like my skin flint husband!

Can you imagine if a less frugal person was in charge? Instead of fireworks on the 4th, we'd be getting drunk in the afternoon.

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farnk said...

Yeah, and your kids would be marching around the playground with cheap Chinese noisemakers all morning. Seriously, though, I wish I had a flag holder on my house. I love this blog: intellectual research, humor and apt coomentary on the current scene. Who could ask for anything more?