Monday, July 7, 2008

Fireworks - bah humbug

I was never a fan of fireworks. My first memory of it was around the time I was in grade school. My mom went through a lot of effort to get us from Queens to the fireworks on the East side; she really hyped it and got us all excited for them. Once I was there, I was terrified of the crowd, of getting lost and of the noise. When the fireworks were in full effect, as many people hooted and cheered, I could barely breathe. My heart was pounding in my throat; I feared that the fireworks would come down and burn me. I kept asking my mom for reassurances that this couldn't happen. As recent as a few years ago, I turned to my trusty source for scientific truths and asked Josh if the fireworks could descend upon me and burn me. He assured me it couldn't happen.
Why am I not enamored with fireworks like most people? Not liking fireworks, especially on 4th of July makes me a lame, unpatriotic party pooper. I don't know why people don't think about how much energy, time and money is lost in something so loud and stupid.
Now, as a mom, I hate fireworks even more because they spook my children. Every year, I dread the 4th, knowing that my children will be frightened from their peaceful slumber by ear piercing noises of illegally acquired burned gunpowder by sketchy neighborhood teens. Last night Sadie remarked to me, "Thunder! Mom it's going to rain." I had to explain they were fireworks but she couldn't comprehend the concept of them. Just like me, she couldn't understand why anyone would make loud noises for fun?
I'm sure when she grows up she'll like them just like the rest of humanity. As me for me, I'll never get it.


Farnk said...

We (Sherry, Ben and me)went down to a city beach and, after waiting for an hour, watched the 20-minute fireworks display. The symmetry of the exploding fireworks was pretty but there was no real joy among the thousand or so people at the beach. Most people were probably thinking how the high price of gas is going to curtail our (high-flying) life styles and most of the kids (inured to more elaborate special effects in the movies they watch) weren't all that impressed. Darkness descended but I had a small LED flashlight as we joined the strangely subdued stream of people making their way back to the main road. Afterwards, in bed, loud bangs still reverberated randomly in the night. Did anyone think about the revolutionary ideals of the founding fathers?

RC said...

They create tons of dust and gases, too. Also, many people are injured playing with fireworks.