Friday, July 11, 2008

Eagle eye Josh

3 Gutenberg Bibles, published around 1450 are on display at the Morgan! Really interesting and cool exhibit. The Bibles are gigantic (20" X 30" closed), beautiful (hand illumination and decoration), written in Latin with barely readable thick Gothic type setting. I tried to make out some of the words but it was impossible. Until Josh poked me and declared, "Look! I can make out the word labia!" I rolled my eyes and dismissed him. But, he was right!
I recall vividly seeing Et labia after he pointed it out. After we left, he asserted that he saw Et labia majora, which I am refuting. Even though I didn't read past the word labia, I'm quite sure there are no lines in the Bible equivalent to what I think Et labia majora translates to.

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farnk said...

I think I'll wait for someone else to make a comment first. You both sounded titillated by this 'clever' discovery...