Thursday, June 26, 2008

Super cranky

4 nights straight of poor, restless and short sleep. A few days of bad or no food -- I've been struggling with what to eat. Dinner has been vegetarian. Yesterday's was a few vegetarian "chicken" nuggets and a bowl of cereal. Not very satisfying.

Feeling guilty about all animal products (meat, leather, eggs, milk). What should I do?


farnk said...

You should realize that the human condition does not allow us to be perfect and that "extremes" of anything are bad: they either cause harm to the individual or to the rest of humanity. It's better to compromise. As for me I would never give up dairy products or chicken and fish as long as they are humanely raised. I gave up all red meat a couple of years ago because the thought of a slaughterhouse is just to bloody and fraught with violence for me. I'm not completely satisfied with my choice but I am moreso than doing nothing at all. You're unhappy because your body craves certain tastes and you are punishing yourself by denying them.

Cassandra Jupiter said...

I'm not sure how to define humanely raised. I think about how if I had to sit or stand all day and produce milk (even if I wasn't treated with hormones or anti-biotics), I'd feel pretty miserable. Or if they look away all my eggs. Or ate me or used my hide to make wallets. :-(
But on a daily basis, I consume and use so many animal products. Why do they have to give up so much for me?

farnk said...

Just be glad you were born a cranky human instead of a cranky cow....Don't you have anything to do?