Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Effective diet?

Here we are, catching her in the act at various stages. Dazee pretty much stuffs as much food as she can in her mouth. She stops when her gag reflex kicks in and then she throws up. Yesterday, I pulled out a grape tomato, and two large strawberries. It was like seeing a magic trick (the one where he pulls out a very long string of hankerchiefs from something unlikely, like a parrot's throat). As I pulled each morsel out of her mouth, I was in complete amazement over how she got that much volume of food inside her mouth.

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farnk said...

She probably can't gets atisfaction from the berries and peaches alone. How about some chicken sesame strips to go with them?

Stella said...

Hi, I love seeing all the lovely photos of your girls. Simply put, they´re adorable!!