Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New (to us) computer

Our new computer was set up last night! Woo hooo!!!!

I was sitting outside the house, digging up bulbs when the UPS guy made the delivery. From far away, I could make out the super big font on the box, "REFURBISHED", it screamed, flaunting how my husband likes to buy things. I would have thought that the marketers would have had the good sense to spare our fragile egos by not advertising to the world that we buy non-virginal goods. It's stupid, but I did feel a little embarrassed.


farnk said...

O this is funny - especially in the leafy environs of Scarsdale. I hope the neighbors weren't watching and that you really enjoy your computer. "Fragile egos": that's a great term!

js said...

As discussed today at lunch, just because the box was marked refurbished, it doesn't mean the computer inside is also refurbished - it looks new to me!