Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm at the same grammatical level as Mike Tyson

How is it that I skated by over 30 years of life without knowing that CANNOT is ONE word and not two? A co-worker of mine helpfully pointed this out and I'm so grateful. She had courage to tell me the equivalent of you have spinach stuck between your teeth. THANKS JK!!!!

On another note, I checked with my husband and office neighbors, they all knew it was one word too. Josh added, altogether is one word. I knew that. I added ARE NOT are two words. Except I think I said, ARE NOT is two words.

Confession: I nearly failed the test of standard written english (TSWE), a test of grammar that I had to take with my SATs. This is why I'm saying I'm on par with Mike Tyson.


farnk said...

That's a spelling mistake - an oral mistake is worse. I always flinch when people say "between you and I" thinking they're being super-refined and gramnmatically correct.) But, who knows, maybe usage will change if enough people use it.

SBP Editor said...

Yeah, that "between you and I" thing drives me nuts too, not because it's incorrect, but because it's pretentious AND incorrect! Personally, I just say "me and John are going to the store" -- I know it's wrong in that sentence, but it sounds good and at least it's not pretentious!

Another spinach moment I thought I'd add: the possessive pronoun "its" does not have an apostrophe... only the contraction for "it is" should have the apostrophe. I see that mistake all the time...

Haik Bedrosian said...

"Myself" is another word that gets misused all the time.

"If you have any questions, please see your immediate supervisor or myself."

Also pretentious and wrong.

"Myself" should be replaced with "me" almost every time it's used by office management.