Sunday, May 4, 2008


On Friday, we attended adult Shabbat services. As I walked through the parking lot, I noticed a group of people, all decked out in finery. Men with wool suits and women in fashionable tops and skirts. I had a sinking feeling about my own outfit as well as my daughter's; we were both wearing tight skinny jeans with sneakers.

As it turns out, you're supposed to dress up for Shabbat. My Jewish husband failed to tell us that. I hate violating a dress code or being disrespectful and on top of that, I was actually called to the bima for an aliyah. I wanted to crawl into a hole!

While I was up there, one of the rabbis started rubbing Saydee's sweatshirt and remarked, Oooh what a nice sweatshirt. I don't know if he was trying to be a jerk or was totally clueless but I was humiliated enough without this extra attention.

At the bima, I'm standing next to a women who generally looks like a slob. I barely recognized her with make up and all decked out in a velvet suit. Another woman next to me is wearing couture like clothes - a pleated silk skirt, silver silk sweater top and her neck was accessorized with a diamond vine necklace.

I still feel humiliated!!!

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farnk said...

First of all, your humiliation is completely expiated by being able to transform it into a blog event. Secondly, you and Saydee, far from being disrespectful, were dressed in the simple attire of a human being called to praise the Almighty and, thirdly, your description of the woman you hardly recognized who usually dresses like a slob, and your intricately detailed scrutiny of the woman dressed in the 'couture' outfit are really funny and amazing.We have every style of dress at our synagogue and it's all OK. The only time I think it would be disrespectful is if a woman wore something that was too 'revealing.' (Unless they were like a college student and averyone got a charge out of it.)