Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dazee walking!

All of a sudden, Dazee can walk many steps. Literally, only yesterday she was falling down the stairs due to intentional parental negligence and last week she fell into a hole we dug. How fast they grow!
She's going to be one in exactly one week!
At the end of the video, you get glimpse of her sister trying to kill her. The loud giggling is my mother. Sadie is saying in Thai - Moo Tong (Dazee's Thai nickname) is walking!

For my dial up customers, the video is 14.5MB so it might be too frustrating for you.

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farnk said...

I guess I'm the dial-up customer this blogger coyly refers to in her piece. Anyway, I got 12 secs. of perfectly delightful video ending with Saydee laying on Daisy's back as though she wants to keep her crawling indefinitely.