Monday, May 26, 2008

The good old days

Last night we made my father in law trudge out an old projector along with boxes and boxes full of slides from over 30 years ago. It was fun to see pictures of Josh and his sister at the same age as my children. I liked seeing the similarities of how the genes got passed down. Daisy looks and acts just like Josh used to!

I don't know if my father in law enjoyed this activity or not - he certainly tried to ruin all the fun. He sat at a distance, was hemming and hawing or frowning the whole time. Not only that, he threatened to throw out all the slides, calling them useless trash. Can you imagine?! Who doesn't enjoy going through old photographs, talking about good memories, pointing out the out-dated cars/technologies, fads and seeing things you didn't see before?

Here are some highlights:
1. The baby car seat that Bailee sat in gave way to some riotous laughter-- it looked like a funny contraption, had a fat rubber tube that restrained her, but best of all, pudgy baby Bailee sat shotgun, facing forward!!!!
2. My mother in law, sporting long flowing hair (which tempted me to get the same carefree romantic hairstyle for myself) to her waist, tending to the garden with her parents. Josh pointed out the cars in the background - so 70s! Even a VW bug bus!!!
3. The baby high chair was made of wood and looked like a piece of furniture, it even had turned legs and a fan back. Nowadays, everything is plastic and made in China. As a side note, I used a nail cutter to cut a hang nail while I was there and noticed how well it worked (not like all the junky nail cutters we own). I flipped it over and saw the engraving, Made in the USA! NOTHING is made in the USA (except my kids) in my house! I'm sure it's over 30 years old, just like everything else in Josh's house.
4. Pictures of the same plant, still alive, from more than 30 years ago, and it grew more than 4 times its height but in the same itty bitty pot!
5. The pre-cursor to my husband's current white, straight and perfect teeth - crooked, chipped and pretty rotten looking. (Aren't I a terrible person?!)
6. My mother in law, jauntily dressed and accessorized while on vacation in Europe. Can you imagine that she walked long days on cobblestone in cute shoes? In comparison, I pretty much look like a slob in my sneaks. I bet her shoes were made in Italy and my Pearl Izumi sneakers are made in China.

Farnk, I don't think you should throw out those slides. Imagine the endless possibilities of entertaining blog entries from poring over them.

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farnk said...

Thank you. This blog just makes my day! Really...after the fiasco of the PC/TV this calms my agitated spirit.