Sunday, May 4, 2008

Busy weekend

Lilacs! Not particularly beautiful on the bush, but after I cut them and arranged them into some vases, they are quite nice indoors. Fills up the bathroom with a great smell, unlike what we're normally used to.
Some beautiful tulips Josh planted in our front and back yard. I was skeptical that they would come up given how late in the season they went in.

We'd been admiring the weeping cherry trees in our neighborhood so we got one yesterday and planted it. We dug a 2 ft hole (whew!). Sadie was a huge help in pushing the dirt in her wagon while poor Dazee fell into the hole! Here's Sadie standing in front of the finished product. Scraggly-looking, but I'm excited to see the progress over the next few years.

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farnk said...

Wow! The tulips look great. Save this picture of Saydee with thee tree and publish another one in five years with her in the same position. I'm looking into the Sony DSCH50/B which looks to be between a point and shoot and a full size SLR. If it eliminates the shutter lag it might be right for you. (How could you let Daisy fall iin the hole?)