Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So excited!!!

I just ordered 21 monogrammed towels from Horchow.
I'll get them in two weeks.

A few things that could dampen the situation:
1. What if they arrive and the quality or colors are not what I expected? Because they're personalized, I won't be able to return them. I probably won't have much luck trying to eBay KSJ monogrammed towels.
2. What if in the meantime or even at a later date, I find other towels I love? Then I'm going to kick myself.

Finally, how come towels come in such pale, demure colors? I'd love to get a rich royal purple but I can't find this anywhere. Moreover, the purple family in towels seems like a rarity. Most people want their towels in shades of white or blue? WHY?!


RC said...

I bleach my towels. Can't do that if they're not white. I also insist on washing them "hot". Can't do that with colored towels.

Plus, white goes with everything.

frank said...

21? MONOGRAMMED!? Did you check this out with Josh beforehand? O help me.

js said...

I too, would like a nice rich purple. It used to be a very rare color that only the Phoenicians could produce ... a royal color!