Monday, March 3, 2008

They need some analytical guys over at Overstock

So I'm generally really bad at math, anyone who's finished middle school can do better arithmetic than me. But last night, even I was able to comprehend what I'm going to call mathematical magic. Here goes Retail Math 101.
I bought some rugs at Overstock because they were having a 5% site-wide discount on all home decor items. I also had a 10% coupon that came in the mail. Naturally, I thought the discounts would combine in a way that would work out to be least in my favor, that I'd have to pay something like this: .9x + (.05*.9x). But I actually got this discount: .9x - (100-.95x). So excited! I don't know if I set up these equations right and they are probably more complicated than they need to be, but basically instead of taking off the 10 percent first and then taking off 5% off of the remaining, (.9*.95 for a total of 14.5%), I got a full whopping 15% off! I know I only netted half a percent more but it's still exciting that the heydey of applying multiple coupons are back!


frank said...

I think your math is the way it should be. (I had to take ninth grade algebra over again in summer school. I had a hard time understanding how a minus times a minus equalled a plus.)Nice going on the extra 0.5%!

js said...

the equations aren't exactly right, but your end result is, and we know what you mean. very surprised overstock has it so out of their own favor ... i'm a bit skeptical.

js said...

but by the way, i appreciate your attentioin to the details!