Monday, March 17, 2008

Need Journalism 101

What is the point of journalism or reporting? Is it supposed to tell the truth (and how is that possible?) or inform (and what's the point of that?) Most of what I read in the papers today seem tabloid-style, sensationalistic headline grabbing, superficial crap. The headlines on are especially abominable, as I'm sure they're written by drunken fraternity brothers on unpaid internships. I've totally boycotted this website. Now blogging, everyone knows upfront that it's personal and biased so I don't hold bloggers to the same standards of writing with those of WSJ, CNN, NY Times ilk, blah blah blah. Is blogging a kind of journalism?


Haik Bedrosian said...

Is blogging a kind of journalism?

I do journalism at my blog, and have broken several stories about local politics. Of course I keep this disclaimer up anyway.

This guy Steve pumps out ten posts a day analyzing stories. He's like a human news aggregator and does some great synthesis, but he is definitely a Democrat.

Also, there's a mnemonic for contacting any AP reporter you read at Yahoo news or wherever- first initial, last name at AP dot org. I've written reporters of AP newswire stories with comments and questions many times and have received responses most of the time.

Haik Bedrosian said...

...I even got an AP reporter to change part of a story that went out over Yahoo once.