Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What the?

My good friend, Lost in Dixie, asked that I post this picture to my blog. She gave no explanation and since I'm pretty dorky, need to follow through on things and can't post stuff without appropriate attribution, I went to the website. I found out that it's from David Byrne's (Former head of the band Talking Heads?) blog and that the artist who originated this gave some commentary as to the meaning of it all. Before I provide that to you, I attempted to make sense of this photo by Christine Fichera.
A naked man is tied to a tree. A Cabbage patch kid is asking to be held or maybe is worshipping the naked man with shoes. Finally, there is a piece of orange on a little dish.
OK here's the artist's (Jarvis Rockwell, Norman Rockwell's son) explanation, straight from DB's blog - "That's essentially my father and me. My father is tied to a tree, with a light set up. I'm standing in a coracle with a pacifier in my mouth and the coracle has no prow, so it just floats like a lily pad. E.T. is reading from the book."
Hmmm...looks like I have as much clue about it as Jarvis.

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frank said...

This is just really creepy. I have a feeling that something perverse is going on here.