Monday, February 4, 2008

What excites my man

Sometimes, my husband is no fun to talk to. No juicy tidbits to reveal and on top of that, - he can be a real conversation killer, especially in moments when you're craving conversation. Whether you start with a benign ice breaker (it should be obvious that it's a plea like, c'mon talk to me, please) or you drop an attention-getting bomb, he can kill the conversation. This happens unknowingly, of course.
Well even though he's above all of us in the petty gossip department, there is one thing he likes to talk about. In fact, he gets pretty damn excited at the mere mention of how to manage a wedding guest list. This is pretty juicy excitement for him. Should I stop talking to the person I'm not going to invite, so that I have a head start on mitigating strained relations? Ie...So that when I don't invite them to the wedding, they would have already been pissed or estranged.
I'll let him comment because he's the expert on this topic.

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frank said...

O it's so true. Sometimes I think we're having a contest to see who can keep the quiet the longest. I can say "Don't you think we should get a new sofa to replace this filthy thing?" or "Do you think I should get a laptop for the kitchen?" and get a silent response. But if I say "Do you have any coupons for Advil PM?" she springs into action and heads for her coupon bowl...