Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Only a few dollars a month will sponsor the mental well being of a senior citizen living in a small town

There was a period of time when we didn't own a TV. Most people were either puzzled, amused or incredulous. The most entertaining conversation around this was:
Jim: You don't have a TV?! Do you have a flush toilet?
Me: Yes. We live in a high rise on the 26th floor.
Jim: Well that's a strange statistic right there. TVs have 99.99% penetration across America; the percentage for flush toilets is a lot lower.

I'd be happy to get rid of our TV. Or replace it with a nice looking flatscreen. I'm sure my husband will not be party to either of these ideas.

But one thing I can't live without is Internet access. I'd rather give up the telephone, running water (for a half day) or TV over Internet access. I feel sorry for Frank who has to put up with the frustrations of a dial up connection. It's so 90s. But wait, it's worse than the 90s. It's more like hell in the 21st Century. Because in the 90s, everyone else had dial up, so content was designed for lower connection speeds. Poor Frank can't enjoy his Internet experience and on top of that, he has to choose between telephone or Internet. He's also limited when he's online; he can't watch any videos, easily make comments on Blogger, get addicted to Craig's list or online shop. These are some of my favorite distractions.

Please send my father in law some $$$ to contribute to his Internet fund.

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