Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I was really hustling to get back to work on time after my extended lunch with Josh and Ari. Slowing me down were people and the rain. But only slightly, because everyone in NY is capable of doing what I'm going to call the NY Hustle. Wunning (portmanteau of walk and run) with extreme determination that nothing will impede you or impact your speed.
Well I got distracted by a sign as I was approaching a food cart, "Daisy May BBQ". As I hustled past it, I peeked inside with my peripheral vision. Awww man! What a disappointment! I saw a middle-aged guy with a beard, serving up the food. I was hoping for a buxom blonde wearing short shorts serving food with a sweet southern drawl. Deceptive marketing!


frank said...

What if the "middle-aged guy with a beard" was wearing short-shorts and spoke with a Ukrainian accent?

Haik Bedrosian said...


RC said...

Try the pulled pork sandwich from the cart. It is delicious! Terribly expensive for cart food, but tasty.

The chili is made with whole pieces of beef, if you like that kind of chili.

Lost in Dixie said...