Sunday, February 10, 2008

It was so pork!

We are in Maui Hawaii! The plane rides had some low moments but
compared to a 17.5 ride to Bangkok, this was easy as pie. Or to use
another expression- it was cake. I don't know the origins or etymology
of these expressions but the Thais have a similar one. Easy as moo
(pork). Pork is a mainstay in the Thai diet, maybe more so than
chicken or beef. So if something is pretty easy to accomplish or goes
smoothly you can just say Moo! in response to, How was it? Moo is
promounced in a rising tone - as if you're asking a question. My
daughter's Thai nickname is the same word, Moo (pig) and she's fairly
easy going. I was thinking about this coincidence on the plane and it
made me smile.


farnk said...

That's funny that "moooo -o" would be in response to a question like "how was it?" and in yiddish a similar sound - "nu -u" - also said in a rising tone would mean "how did it go?" It could also mean: "and so what was the end result?"

Hope the sun is bright and the palm trees are swaying. Please try to blog about all your experiences. Did Saydee do the "Groucho walk" on the plane?

Cassandra Jupiter said...

Hi Frank I like how you spelled moo-o and nu-u, makes the pronunciation clearer.