Monday, February 4, 2008

Is Hawaii right for me?

I want to move some where safe and warm. I want to say I live in paradise. I'm really looking forward to our trip to Hawaii next week because I'm really hoping I'll fall in love. I want to get out of the NY rat race. I want the sun to always shine on my face. I'll move to Hawaii and become a school teacher or some kind of administrator.

My ex-coworker just quit and moved to LA, says that it's one step closer to Hawaii. He thinks Hawaii would be perfect for my personality and lifestyle.

What would I miss about NY? Cheap takeout and proximity to friends/family. I hear that Hawaii has excellent Asian food and a great variety. My mouth is already watering.

I'm going to Hawai-i!

I am a little bit afraid of volcanoes and historical violence (after reading a little bit about Hawaiin history). Is that bad energy or what?!

My daughter keeps crying and complaing about how she doesn't want to go to Hawaii. Does she know something I don't?

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frank said...

Is Hawaii right for anyone? Lost in the middle of the Pacific with only pineapple fields and tourism to interact with the world? Try finding an improv theater or a Met in Honolulu. I'll take gray-skied, traffic-congested Scarsdale with its world-class school systems and shopping anytime.