Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Interesting sights on Maui

In no particular order... 1. Twinkling lights of a distant town,
tucked on a side of a volcanoe in a shape of a triangle cup bikini
top. 2. A stand of windswept trees bent in the same direction. They
looked quite whimsical yet deliberate- maybe a giant plumes lego set,
bent by a giant. 3. An amazing banyan tree that looked like a dozen or
so individual trees. Some of the branches grew giant branches that
hung so low, that they began to root into the ground; these branches
looked like separate tree trunks. This one gigantic tree took up a
plot of 100 by 100 and if you didn't know that it was one tree, you
would have thought they were an impressive stand of trees-- either
way, whether you knew it was one tree or thought it was a group of
trees, it was quite a site to behold. 4. There was a kind of pine tree
that had the shape of a palm tree. Each frond like stem were actually
composed of needles.

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